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New Year/Full Wolf Moon Energy Report 01/01/2018

New Year/Full Wolf Moon Energy Report/January 2018. You have come a long way in order to balance your emotions. You have experienced judgment and harshness from others in such a way that they were often tactless and rude. While you have progressed on this journey you have developed an inner knowing and acknowledgement from within. In the beginning you yourself appeared opinionated, overbearing and frankly quite blunt, but have now maintained balance. You have an inner peace now, and are leading the way for others without being forceful. You are now trusting yourself/looking within for reassurance. You are not looking on the outside or overvaluing the opinions of others more than your own. You are trusting in yourself. Now is the time to let your intentions be known/let your voice be heard. You have come a long way/have grown so much this year and have now come to the realization that life is cyclical. Everything has a beginning and an end. With each ending comes a new beginning. As this new year begins, it is also a time more than ever before to leave the past behind, celebrate it, be grateful for it, but start the new cycle, your new beginning. You have had your share of hardships, materially, emotionally, physically. Just utterly exhausted. Know that these hardships are always only temporary and seek spiritual guidance and security to get you through these times. Each time of hardship are in fact closely related. We seek emotional acceptance from one another and when rejected this affects us physically as well. This feeling of rejection has taken its toll on you and you are utterly exhausted, feeling like you were abandoned and alone/excluded from society/from love/from financial affluence. You have the ability to get past this. It is important, however, to stay present and aware of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you and to use your creative abilities to succeed at this time. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Remain committed and take responsibility for your actions which will lead you toward your goals. Although you have been on your own and progressing on your journey, you will once again be presented with a sense of community and you will be trusting others and socializing once again. As a result of your inner work, you are exuding confidence and are willing to take chances in your life, as you have come to the realization that this is your life to live and enjoy to its fullest capacity. You are releasing the past and all the guilt and sorrow that came along with it. You feel renewed and awakened to all life has to offer. You are welcoming it all/the opportunities along with the disappointments as they both are opportunities in the long run for growth and rebirth. You have the tendency to reflect on things/retreat to self-absorption in times of distress. Rest assured that it is time to open yourself up and be willing to accept the gifts that are being offered to you. While it was important for you to retreat on your own after the recent turn of events, it is now time to emerge from the cocoon and be reborn. Time to fly/time to trust again/if you stay inside and to yourself you will not be able to find what you are seeking. The universe is ready to serve. Tell the universe loudly and clearly that you are ready to accept all that you ever dreamed of/prayed for. Be confident in your ability to assess any situation that is presented to you. Have faith in knowing that you have the ability to discern truth and will never be misled. Remain aware and you will not be disappointed. You have lost faith in the world and it is important for you to realize that these were all just lessons to be learned and you are now stronger. You cannot continue to shut yourself off from the world/because it is time for you to accept the gifts that you have asked for/and have worked for. You have been utterly exhausted, warn out from the worry and guilt you have brought onto yourself. Time to stop blaming yourself for everything and doubting the outcome of the situation. Everything will work out. It is time to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You are only making yourself sick over the past. Time to let the past go/release it. You are trapping yourself and in doing so preventing any movement. In order to move forward you have to look ahead of you/not behind you. You are trapped by the past and are being held prisoner by your misconceptions. If you continue to doubt yourself you will remain confused. Once you start believing in yourself, and realize that you are worthy to receive you will reach your goal. It is apparent that you went through some hard times, but are now emerging from this. Although it is hard to regain your faith, it is required at this time. Know that life is divinely orchestrated and is in fact a balancing act. Since you have gone through this hardship you are now aware what it is like to not have and have become more empathetic as a result. This was a learning opportunity where you have realized what truly has meaning in the world. While money can buy material comfort, money cannot buy emotional comfort nor love/life’s most precious gift. You are embarking on a new life/a new journey and are experiencing a fresh start. You have realized what truly makes you happy in life. You are following your heart/trusting where your heart is leading you. All that worry and fear you once had you are finally letting go of and have come to the realization that this is true peace. Likewise, you are no longer so concerned about what others are thinking about you. You are focused on yourself and your happiness. Others may judge you, but what others think of you is the farthest thing from your mind at this time. You’ve come a long way indeed. Your stronger sense of self and self-love will be mirrored back to you. Relationships and deeper commitments will be established. You have taken a firm stand in your life/and have regained control. You have emerged from a sense of lack to a position of gratitude. You are grateful for the lessons you have learned, where you have arrived and look forward to where you are going. Grateful for the journey and all life has to offer you and willing and able to be presented with these gifts.

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