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Transformation and rebirth


Hello!! Wanted to reach out to everyone and see how you are doing. It has been a long, arduous, yet transformative process for all of us. All good things never come easy. Why not take this opportunity to get further insight from the universe and b

ook now so we can catch up? Current sale price is $55 for half hour, $77 for a full 45 minutes and $111 for a full hour. Another popular option is $44 voice clips. I know many of you have stated that you enjoy going back to listen again after much time has passed by and progress has been made. Often, clients get these weekly. Currently offering one full month of weekly voice clips at $133. I always welcome any suggestions you may have to offer. Feel free to just touch base or connect with me. I have been taking this introspective period to transform my site and spiritual and professional growth. Please explore the changes to my site and be on the lookout for more options. I am adding paid subscription portion too with a premium option. I am limiting the premium subscriptions to 111 paid subscribers. In doing so, I will be able to truly focus on each of you in a smaller setting. I will break you down into smaller groups and we can set up weekly meetups, spiritual circles, teachings and outdoor outings virtually. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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