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Tracie Ann


Reiki Master and Intuitive Empath providing spiritual healing and guidance. Available for private events and in-person or remote sessions via phone, skype, messenger.


My name is Tracie Ann and I am from the Greater New York City Area. I am a Reiki Master and Intuitive Guide. I am privileged to have the opportunity to guide others on their journey and play a role in helping them manifest their dreams. No matter how we fight it, we need to live our soul purpose to empower the world. There is great transformation occurring right now. Please know that in order to be fully empowered, we need to help empower others. We all serve a vital role no matter how different that role may be. No one is more significant than the other. Let us allow ourselves at this time to embody love towards ourselves and others. Be the love that you seek in others and emanate that to the world. With love there can only be love. But it is only in unity that we can accomplish this. We are divided at this time and are feeling this deeply. As a result, we are all suffering. How can we empower ourselves? We need to be love and radiate this to others. We need to lift one another up. We need to believe in one another and that this is a reality. We need to see this as a clear obtainable vision.

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