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(Video, and Written)

Danielle H.-


"A loving caring soul who understands and embraces energy as she teaches others to do the same. She trusts her own intuition and guidance and fears not to express that to others. Someone who helps assist people into the message of the soul is a trusting and advanced reader in my opinion. Was very connected with my reading. Can't wait to have another!"

-Language Spoken In Videos





SherryLynn Kline -

"I have been experiencing a lot and I paid a significant amount more for another reading. One night I looked for another person doing readings and stumbled on Tracie. I paid a minimal charge for a reading and she said don’t tell me anything. Her reading was astounding!!! 100% on point. If you’re thinking of doing a reading I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. I have recommended her to my children and my entire family. I will never have another do any reading for me"


Andy Dee-

"Tracie is the most incredible person I have ever met. In 56 years of life I've struggled to understand myself. In only minutes she told me so much about myself, my love life and my family life that I couldn't believe it. The accuracy of her skills is otherworldly. I urge anyone who needs healing or just wants to know more about themselves, good or bad, to book a reading with Tracie. No one else like her. Thank you Tracie from saving me from myself. Andy"


Irene Sonja Fanane -

"Thank you so much Tracie for the amazing reiki healing. Your reiki brought me renewed energy and balance. You are truly a blessed energy healer!" IreneSonja"


Carol Pollock -

"Tracie, wow!! I asked you what the universe wanted for me... the cards you pulled made sense.... your explanation of each card really struck a chord in my heart… I am grateful that the universe guided me to your live feed this morning! You are truly gifted with your cards. Thank you for the time you took to read for me!!"


Little Rosie Sunshine  -

"I had an online impromptu reading with Tracie, I put it out to the universe that I am open & ready to receive a message through Tracie. What I have been working on lately Tracie spoke to me about every inch of it. Each stop I am focusing on Tracie gave intuitive clear guidance and insights. Also related back to me where my limiting beliefs are. Thank-you Tracie I am ever so grateful for your guidance. Rosie "

Chrissy Pro  -

"Wow what an amazing reading with Tracie. I have never had an online reading done, but it is amazing what she picked up. Tracie was empathetic, not only caring and understanding, but the attention to detail in the replies is amazing. Tracie picked up everything I was going through. Without me saying a word she knew exactly what I needed to know and to hear."


Angad Dev Dogra -

"It is so amazing and unbelievable on how she does it, but there is a power for sure! She is really, really good and I definitely recommend her !! "


Cathi Coppola Carrier-

"I had an amazing reading with Tracie . Everything she said resonated with me. I truly felt she connected with me . Amazing! It was a short session and I’m looking forward to a longer reading. Thank you Tracie!! Update - Returned for another amazing reading with Tracie today! I highly recommend her. Very nice and so on target."

Jen Jarosik-

"Tracie is extremely gifted. I did not tell her my question and she had drawn cards to have great insight in my life. Where I had been, was and where I’m headed. I recommend her for anyone looking for clarity. "

Andrew Giordano  -

"Tracie did an incredible job on my reading. She confirmed so much of where I am currently & where I'm going in the future. She has a very compassionate, but direct way in her delivery of the information. She is very connected with the divine universal energies. I highly recommend Tracie for your next reading! "

Shawna Marie-

"Very accurate reading. Was the very best reading I’ve ever had! Did a couple of card pulls first and was accurate so I got a more in depth reading and she was very on point! She hit the nail on the head on everything. I won’t go to another reader from now on. This is who I will refer to all my friends."

Tina Draganides -

"Genuine, accurate readings, very flexible appointments. Tracie spends a lot of time focusing on you during sessions and never makes it feel rushed. What is nice is that she saves questions for the end, so you get an authentic reading that isn't skewed whatsoever. Highly recommended."

Isaura Valles-

"readings by Tracie are amazing and I recommend her! She's very accurate on what she's reading. Mine was basically letting go and letting something new in and not to go back to where I was, to move on. That's exactly what I have been doing. Thanks so much! Appreciate what u do."

Kristen Veeder Boothe-

"I was a little skeptical about an online reading but with the special I decided to go for it and I was very impressed!! The insight provided was spot on and completely spoke to the question I was thinking of. The divine alignment came thru and I absolutely heard what I needed to move forward. Thank you so much Tracie!! "

Wan Azieda Rahim-

"I had a really great experience with Tracie. She did a 30 minute reading for me and within that duration, she answered my questions and gave me a lot of peace. A lot of her insights are aligned with my life, and many observations "hit home." Will definitely recommend and be back in the future"

Lisa B-

""Well all I can say is wow ! I had a tarot reading with Tracie and i was amazed on how much came through ... she was able to pick up on the situation with ease and was able to tell me exactly what was going on and the thoughts and feelings of others involved in this situation ... it brought much clarity and comfort to me being an intuitive Empath myself .. i knew that all she said was truth ... i have never had such a detailed reading as this and i can highly recommend her ..please do not hesitate to have a reading with her if you feel you need one will not be dissapointed ..i will be returning to Tracie when i next need a reading for sure .. Thank you so much Tracie""

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