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Channeled Message for Client

Hi/I would like to share a message that I channeled. I was guided to share it with the collective. It was very powerful. Please take what resonates and leave the rest!! Have a wonderful night. I think we can all benefit to some degree. Remember to always live your truth, embrace happiness and obtain your dreams. Seems particularly relevant for the full moon. Time to release the old and manifest your destiny. Have a great night!! Sweet dreams <3 <3 ***I see you reaching contentment and abundance – achieving what your heart desires. What is keeping you from this at the current time is the fact that you have to get out of your head and accept an unwanted situation. You need to come into your power and to reach your full potential and be the Goddess that you are and soar to new heights – you need to stop being enslaved/submitting to someone. You are spiritual/but like many of us/get caught up in appearances/lose faith and believe only in the physical. You are experiencing despair now/lack of faith. You are a goddess. Recognize your beauty. Believe in yourself. Shine!! Shine like a diamond in the rough!! You are drowning in indecision and doubt, but even though these doubts are burying you at times/you are still shining/glistening throughout this. Don’t lose your shine. Shake off the blues like the Queen that you are. Don’t be afraid to let your feelings show. Listen to your inner voice/go with your intuition. Time to be intimate/meet someone new. Opportunities are being brought to you to experience love. When this happens go with the flow/experience joy and abundance – you will know – when you see a chance to experience great joy/act on it!!! Do not hold back. The moment is now. The universe wants you to experience happiness. Have faith. This is a time for new birth. Welcome it. Welcome all the universe has to offer you with open arms. The universe has your back. Keep your feet planted firmly/ground yourself in nature. In order to have everything fall into place/everything needs to fall apart first. Once the rigidity of the situation is dissolved/doors will open and abundance will follow. It is important to stop worrying and doubting whether all will be well. It will be. The universe is bountiful. The universe wants you to flourish and have everything you desire. JUST BELIEVE IT IS SO AND IT SHALL BE. Yours for the asking. You need to do the work though/no one is productive in a rigid environment – so lighten up/have fun/remember you are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You are important. You are fabulous. You are someone’s dream. They are waiting for you. Don’t waste your resources on those that are not worthy. Is there some overindulgence? Not on your part/I see overindulgence/spending/alcoholism/sexual addiction -- not you/someone you are trying to help……………..involved with?? Just seems like you are worthy of more than this. Love all from a distance/but love yourself first. An empty cup doesn’t serve anyone……………….you are so much more. Have so much to give. Many are waiting to cherish all that you have to offer. You are not yourself lately/robbed of your joy. I see negativity, corruption and guilt as well. This is causing you anguish. You lost your sparkle. You’ve withdrawn from friendships and putting yourself out there. It is important to get together with people you like, form a support group, experience a sense of community that your soul longs for. Do you value other’s opinions too much? Learn to trust your intuition more. Time to be bold. Demand the respect you deserve. Take the unchartered road. Explore. Do what no one else has done. Not what is expected of you from others. Dare to do what you want. Get rid of any remnants of victim mentality within you. Be empowered. Be strong. Be Courageous. Time is right. Time is now to be bold. Stop giving your power away. Remember you can channel the divine energies. You are worthy. You are grateful to be a divine conduit. Use your power wisely. Do not give your power away to those unworthy of your greatness. There are many waiting to cherish you for all you have to offer them as well as the world. Be flexible at this time. Have fun. Raise your vibration. This is about you now. Time to enjoy yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Experience exuberant joy and happiness. Play is important. Take time for it. The value is immeasurable. You are being challenged right now to take the time to rest/indulge in the healing stillness. Time to think things over/assess without hurry or worry. Time to reflect and meditate on the situation at hand. Stillness holds the key/rewards, but this must be sought after and recognized. Bask in the silence. Heal with it. Learn from it. Grow with it. Gather your strength/center yourself. Be strong. You can do this. The universe has your back. There is a lot being released/a lot of upheaval and growth. In turn, you will realize the truth. Wake up to the messages being presented to you. Realize that everything happens for a reason. Disruption occurs when needed. Remain positive. Embrace rapid changes occurring at this time. Stay strong. Be aware at all times that change is a blessing. Often a tremendous release is felt at times like this and revelation is made that this was actually a blessing due to fact that we are forced in different direction and new understandings were made. I am sorry, but not rightfully so. I do see heartbreak in your current relationship, but you will be rewarded in the end. Release all this. Time for the new. Out with the old. It is hard to let go. I know it is. You feel pain in your heart/like someone has stabbed you in it. There’s something that you are unwilling to acknowledge. Keep your eyes open/do not be blindsided. When your heart is breaking you are lost in pain. You are so much more. You are love. Your world may seem to be turning upside down/but it is happening for a reason. Doors are opening and opportunities to the companionship and trust that your soul is longing for is being delivered at full speed. As quickly as everything is crumbling/everything your heart has ever desired is manifesting. So be present and realize what you are wishing for. The time is now. Listen to your inner voice. It will always steer you in the right direction. Thanks so much for letting me read you. Hope this resonates. ♥ ♥

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