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Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon In Gemini 12/12/2019 2020/Courageously Releasing What No Longer Serves and Entering Portal to Transcendence, Authenticity And Love

It is widely known that with all endings come new beginnings. It is not just wishful thinking, but it is physics. In a state of transference, there are not only energetic manifestations of this, but physical ramifications as well. It cannot be denied. Nothing is destroyed. Energy remains constant. While we are approaching the end of this decade and year we are at a calmer point in our lives which brings us to the point of reflection. Remaining understanding not only with others for their shortcomings, but becoming gentler with oneself. We are becoming more of a mediator in a sense, and just taking a step back before we abruptly react; approaching each matter with empathy and tolerance. Continuing to endure despite adversity and remaining calm and centered in doing so. As a result of this growth, new opportunities are presenting to us not only in our personal lives, but coming full circle into all areas of our existence. The confinement of society’s restrictive dynamic no longer is a concern, nor is the opinions of others. Your only concern is happiness as you forge forward on your journey. Of course, you are gentle and kind, but first and foremost extend this vital sustenance to oneself.

In the past, you seemed to shelter yourself from the outer world as a form of self-preservation. In a sense, this was enabling you to shirk your responsibilities to be of service to others. You have come to the conclusion, however, that this seclusion is hindering you energetically. Consequently, you have come to the realization that your actions affect everyone as we are all connected. Therefore, your seclusion is not serving anyone. Healthy boundaries are the key in all your endeavors.

As stated earlier, as the year comes to a close, it is a time for reflection. While this is usually the case at the end of a year, it is even more so at the end of this year and final full moon of the decade. You have started to and soon will be seeing more results not only fulfilling you emotionally but materially as well. Don’t stop now!! The sky is the limit!! Do not lose sight of your goals now – carry them forward into 2020 and beyond. Your capabilities for success are limitless. This is only the tip of the iceberg! Being wiser from past experiences and relying on source for guidance, you are now enforcing stronger boundaries, but still emanating the unconditional love towards others that radiates from within you.

In a sense, this new found self-assuredness will enable you to raise your intuitive awareness and vibrations while you continue to follow your heart and remain fully content in doing so. Letting your emotions show, letting your true self shine like the diamond that you are. Not so long ago, you were confining yourself by societal construct and were fearful of what others thought of your authentic self. This is but a distant memory that no longer serves and therefore no longer exists in your current reality. Your current state of happiness is a result of your vibrancy and your ability to embrace happiness in all areas of your life. You are at a state of contentment and resiliency despite the challenges that you are faced with. Life is never easy, but how you deal with things is reflected in the final outcome. Meeting things with joy and love can only reflect positive results.

As the new year is upon us, we are presented with a strong sense of resiliency and determination that will allow us to accomplish our goals in 2020 and beyond. Nurturing yourself will better enable you to support others and accept the free flowing abundance that is rightfully yours in this new decade and beyond!! With many blessings and love – Tracie Ann

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