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Channeled Message for Fall Equinox 2017

Channeled message on Fall Equinox September 22, 2017 While it is wise to remain grounded and centered, you are mastering the lessons at hand and are ready to move to the next level. Now is the time to just realize that the possibilities are endless if you just let go and trust the universe and the good faith in others. You have planted the seeds, and whether you realize it or not, or see the results immediately, everything has been set in motion. You will soon start to see what is to come. Do not give up hope or abandon the sprouts that are just appearing. Continue to trust, continue to have faith, continue to just let go. Continue to care for and nurture the seeds that are now sprouting. Do not abandon them. It is understandable that you feel sad and alone. You have been healing. In order to do so, you have had to face yourself and the lessons set before you at your own pace. Sure it has been lonely. You have felt abandoned, alone, isolated. The time has come, however, to regain your strength, stand your ground, reawaken, and emerge in your full power. You are now learning to become more independent and self-reliant. You are leaving the past behind you which included self-indulgence and lack of discipline. Your progress is admirable and rightly so, because you have now achieved quite a bit on your own. You are working hard to fulfill your goals. In doing so, you have gained self-discipline, independence and self-confidence. You are learning to speak your truth, and to stand up for what you believe in. Rather then surrendering, you are becoming more patient with others while at the same time allowing them to follow their own path and truth. Allowing others space, but not surrendering your truth. Remain strong and address your struggles calmly. You will persevere. Take your time, and be patient with yourself and others. Whether you realize it or not at this time you have the ability to set an example for others with your unconditional love and support and are leading the way for others to follow. It is clear that your recent lessons were guided towards self-mastery, however, it is now time for you to utilize your new skills and apply them in a leadership role. Teamwork will now be necessary to obtain your goal. There will be a lot of growth, but realize that with each new beginning comes an ending. It is imperative to leave what doesn’t serve you behind you for new beginnings to occur. Also realize that challenges are presenting themselves, but are an opportunity for growth. Remain strong and continue to face these challenges as you have in the past – with integrity and fortitude. You will persevere. In doing so, you will become stronger and a great deal of growth and success will result. It is apparent that you feel trapped in your current reality. Just don’t know if there is a way out. You just feel stuck with a lack of freedom or choice. Always remember that you are never trapped. Keep walking forward. Not focusing on what is behind you. You always have choices. If you believe it is possible, you can achieve the results and freedom you desire. The answers are within you. You need to realize what you want and establish a plan. Solutions are not always easy, but remember that they do exist and are certainly obtainable. Take heart in the fact that although you are suffering from slight depression and feel restricted at this time, this will not last forever. You will break free of all of this. You will not be held back any longer. You will be free to express yourself and will be joyful once again since the freedom you sought will be yours. This rebirth will enable you to experience everything that comes your way with the youthfulness and exuberance of a child. Do not be afraid to claim your happiness that you have worked hard for. Celebration is forthcoming. You have come a long way, and as a result of all of your hard work and contributions to others as well as yourself, you are now realizing your goals and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have earned the rewards that you are claiming and enjoying. You will be content and savor each moment. What you have been waiting for, striving for and working for will soon be yours. Remember that when in doubt to go within. You have all the answers inside of you. Never forget that you have unlimited potential within yourself. You don’t always have to be in motion to realize the goal. Now is the time to sit back and reflect, go within and allow what you have intended, to sprout and flower in due course. Just wait and allow!! - Tracie Ann

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