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The Beauty of Kindness

<3 <3 <3 When first meeting someone have you ever noticed that what they look like initially is never permanent? Their physical appearance is transient since we are all composed of energy. Actions speak loudly even if you refuse to listen. To those that do not believe in the simple truth of the power of energy -- it cannot be denied!! How you carry you treat others transcends material wealth, power and physical attributes. If only people would realize that kindness makes them more beautiful our world would be a better place. Humanity has been seeking beauty and has been on an endless quest for the fountain of youth since the beginning of time. Yet they will never obtain it until they realize that beauty comes from within and will never transform and transcend until they do so. Their results will always be ambiguous. When we develop authentic relationships whether they are business, friendship or romantic, our inner beauty will show on the outside. As an empath I always wait and see how someone's energy transforms. Someone who seems beautiful to many can quickly transform to unappealing before my eyes. In contrary, I watch others' physical imperfections fade away as a result of their actions. We are all energy. Beauty comes from within. Sit back and observe and you will see it too. Inner beauty supersedes physical beauty always.

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