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Solar Eclipse Energies Channeled 08/21/2017

Solar eclipse energies channeled 08/21/2017. The time is now for taking action and carrying out your plans. You have now crossed the barriers that were formerly blocking you from taking action. The coast is now clear to accomplish what you have been longing for, working for, striving for. The veil has been lifted. You are connected to the divine more than ever at this time. It will take discipline, but you just need to believe in yourself and the infinite possibilities. So above, so below. Be grateful of this gift of abundance. Know you are worthy. Know that your capabilities are limitless. Important for you to come into your power at this time and receive the gifts that are waiting to be served to you. The boundaries you foresee are created in your mind’s eye. Please note though that nothing worth having comes easy. You have to continue working hard, remain strong and keep your faith. You are so close at this time that you can practically reach out and touch the divinity of the universe. What you desire is yours for the asking. You are so warm and nurturing to others. Be sure to provide that same endearing energy to yourself. Stop being so critical of yourself. Your authenticity is valued and needed not only for others but for yourself as well. In such turbulent times you bring the endearing energy of sensibility and self-restraint that is needed the most in this world. Be the example of the change you want to see in the world. Others will follow your reflection. You are needed to lead the way.

No doubt, your job as a light worker is exhausting. You get weary. Rest assured that you are making a difference. You feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are at the point of utter exhaustion just feeling like nothing else could go wrong. As an empath, the heavy energies in the world just seem so overbearing. Important for you to not be a martyr. Do not be overcome by the negativity in this world. Important for you to remain strong. You are making a difference. The veil has lifted. It will be a bumpy road, but things are looking up. You got this. The current energies will allow you to come into your full power with confidence. You will clearly be unstoppable. Most recently you allowed yourself to believe the worst and were filled with worry. Rest assured, however, that you will feel contentment again.

Time for yourself to not only regain faith in others, but believe in yourself as well. You have the ability to draw to yourself what you need. You have the ability to make your plans real. You have the solutions. Time to put your plans into action. Come into your power.

Just need to step out of that victim, martyr mentality. Continue forward despite any setbacks. It has not been an easy road that is certain. Keep going no matter how exhausted you are!! You are in fact making progress. It is clear you are exhausted. You’ve been through a lot. You have to regain your trust. You are so weary. Important for you to learn to regain trust again, learn to love again, learn to love unconditionally. You’ve been through tough times. You are beginning to regain what was lost. Do not allow your experiences to rob you of the contentment you once felt. That childlike innocence you once had. Your caring spirit, faith in others and generosity needs to be regained. This is who you are. Do not let anyone rob you of your sense of self. You will only suffer. Not following your path will weigh you down. Important for you to rise up and continue on your path. You’ve gotten to the point where you feel you don’t need anyone else. Just tired of being deceived. Just want to hide from the truth – your truth.

You are valued. People look to you for guidance. They depend on your loving generosity. Please be reminded that your generosity will be rewarded. Whatever you give will be returned to you. You have the ability to succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Looks like you will be venturing off on your own, doing some soul searching. Just searching………….searching for deeper meaning. Your road has not been an easy one. Although it is important for all of us to remember, the road less traveled is never an easy road. Please note that nothing lasts forever. Time to let go of things that are weighing you down. Listen to your inner voice. There are signs that will tell you when it is time to let go of something. Times are changing. Many things that once gave you joy will no longer. Let go of anything that no longer serves you. A telltale sign is when something no longer gives you joy. Whatever is draining is not meant to stay. Release these things. Only things that invigorate you should remain.

While this is a positive time, it is apparent that a lot of you will be feeling the strain and a sense of exhaustion. Just foggy. So much going on. So much releasing. Release the guilt from the past. Let that all go. You just need to proceed with trust. Use your common sense and follow the road that is calling you. Just keep your eyes focused on the prize in the horizon. Know what you want and don’t worry about proceeding cautiously. Time to step into your power. Go after what you want. Regain your trust in others. We are all in this together. We weren’t meant to go through life alone. You are more capable than ever to achieve what you want. All the seeds you have planted are sprouting. Only you know what you intended, but know that you need to choose your thoughts wisely. Everything is coming into fruition now.

Seems like many are feeling that they have reached their limits and are doubting that all will go well. Just feeling depressed and lacking joy. Time to release all that. To progress on your journey you have to stop focusing on what was lost in the past. Focus on what you have in front of you and not behind you. Focus on the good in your life and strive forward.

The energy will remain dense for a while, but the density will be replaced with levity in due course. The energies are changing. There will be a rebirth. Prosperity and contentment will be full. It is important for you to stay connected, stay grounded. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. The best is yet to come. Stay grounded. You just feel so trapped. Like there is no way out and blocked by so many obstacles. Remember to proceed forward. You are so busy focusing on what is behind you that you cannot see the clear course waiting to be traveled ahead of you. You will regain your balance once again.

Important for you to recognize the effect of your actions. Everything that is occurring is a result of what you have set into motion with your own thoughts. Recognize that only you have the ability to change the road you are on. This is your journey. You are in charge. Earn it. Own it.

You are doing a great job keeping everything in balance, but remember to do something you enjoy. This will allow you to continue to raise your vibration and get out of the state of exhaustion that you are feeling. Things will be turning around soon. There will in fact be change. You will get a glimpse at how everything is so fine-tuned and connects. You are planting the seeds, but destiny will take its course as well. Nothing happens by accident. The synchronicity in life is part of the master plan. Such events will become more apparent and recognizable. It is important to remember that certain things need to be let go of. The things that we cling to for security need to be let go. There is so much more out there. We cling to and hold on so tightly that we do not allow the new to come in. It is time for change. This is a positive reading, but there is a lot of sadness throughout it. We want change so badly, but we just want to cling to the old. If we do not follow our inner voice and continue to cling to the familiar even though it no longer serves us we will continue to feel weighed down. Likewise, there will be no room for the new to enter. Space needs to be created. We know what needs to be let go of. Until that time, you will continue to feel restricted and confused. Not much of a comfort zone is it? Even though we are not comfortable in our situations, we just cling so tightly because we are so fearful of the unknown. Know that the universe is bountiful. We can experience anything we want. If we continue to settle we are sending message to the universe that we are satisfied. We are not sending a clear message that we want anything different or that we want change. That is what is meant by mixed signals.

Just a time of introspection and quiet reflection/contemplation. You will get through this. It is okay if you want to reflect and be alone. Just know that you are never alone. You will get through this and resurface stronger and more aware of what you are seeking and why. -- Tracie Ann

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