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Post-Retrograde Energies August, 2018

Post-Retrograde Energies.

08/24/2018 We are almost through this transition period and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel towards post retrograde energies. Yet we are still feeling the effects and continue to undergo deep healing and purging throughout this full moon. Love to all of you <3

After the recent turn of events, and the turmoil and chaos that came to the surface, it is time to let go and heal. It may not seem within your reach or even possible, but it is time to just have patience and faith. Change is imminent and is evolving as this is being written. It is a slow progression, but it is important for you to not give up hope.

You have been working very hard lately and have really been putting a lot of effort into everything yet are lacking any evident results. It is important for you to remain strong and balance out your emotions. Your ability to heal others also applies to oneself. Healing is needed. Do not neglect your own needs. Be as tolerant and gentle with yourself as you are with others. Show yourself the same compassion. You have an innate ability to adapt to rapid changes as they present themselves to you. Take this opportunity to flourish and this will enable you to fulfill your deepest soul desire. Allowing you to do what you love to do.

It is evident that you have let go of all hope. You have been in mourning for a great deal of time. It is time to leave this all in the past and look forward to what the new day will bring. You cannot keep dwelling in the past for it is impeding your soul growth. It is time to move forward. It is okay to be disappointed, but it is just as important to learn from your mistakes. Most recently, and even currently, you have been stuck in the energy of regret and longing for what could have been.

Your sensitivity and emotional force you bring into our existence is a jewel to be cherished in this world. However, at times you let your sensitive nature get the best of you and allow your emotions to take hold of you. In this saddened emotional state you are unable to share your light with the world and must heal yourself so that you can rise out of this and help others once again. It is evident that you have gone through a great deal emotionally and feel like it is impossible to move forward on this journey. At this time, it is important to move forward and follow your heart’s desire and let your heart lead the way. You have sheltered yourself from pain for a long time, but if you remain hidden you will not be able to allow yourself and your light to shine in the world. The world needs your presence.

Although you are resisting the changes and refuse at this time to recognize the signs as to why all of this occurred, you will soon gain some clarity. It is apparent that you are facing a lot of obstacles along the way recently, but please be assured that you need to face these challenges with an open heart and open mind realizing that there is an opportunity hidden in every challenge that presents itself.

It is important for you to continue on your journey as the leader that you are. You are setting the course for others to follow. Do not run from the challenges that arise. In order to conquer the fear that is holding you back, you must face these challenges and be innovative on your path.

You have experienced a period of mourning and regret, but it is time to release this and let it all go. It is difficult to accept this and leave it behind you. It appears that despite knowing all of this, you still require time alone to heal further. As much as you enjoy the energy of others, you are once again drained, and have been retreating within for solace.

In fact, a lot of change has been taking place in your life and in the universe as a whole. We are all connected regardless of our social status or financial position, rich or poor, young or old. Even the rich and famous are being affected by these energies. However, let it be known that in times such as these, the old patriarchal limitations are crumbling before us and the truth will be known in your lives and those around you. Things that were hidden for many years are now being revealed.

It is important and in fact imperative that you take this time to heal your body and soul. However, it is equally important to learn from these lessons and gain a stronger sense of knowing and resiliency when faced with similar lessons in the future. Please remember that these are opportunities for growth, not ruination.

At this time, you are overflowing with emotions and letting them overcome your ability to appreciate yourself and accompanying self-worth. Once you progress through this time period in your life, you will experience the contentment that you desire in all areas of your life. The greatest fulfillment, however, is the pride in yourself for your progression on this journey and knowing that you have persevered in spite of it all and experiencing deep satisfaction as a result. Sending you love, assuredness and peace in your time of need.

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