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Full Moon Energies September 2017

Channeled Full Moon Energies September 7, 2017. Change is among us. Please remember at this time that this is not the end. All perceived endings are really a start of something new and should be welcomed with reverence as new beginnings. It is important for you to maintain your resourcefulness and faith. In doing so, you will be able to navigate the obstacles as they readily present themselves. Continue on your journey while remembering that this is your journey and yours alone. You make the rules. Don’t worry about what others think. They are finding their own way. It is important at times to let go of rigid restraints and throw caution to the wind. Joy is important. It is okay to be reckless at times. You are longing for a deeper connection with someone, but at this time you are developing a deeper relationship with yourself by venturing off on your own. You have times where you want to come up for air, but still are retreating off spending most of your time in solitude. It is the time to develop a deeper connection within your entire being. You will emerge more innovative than before. You are tired of doing things the same old way. You have faith in knowing that this would surely lead to stagnancy. You have grasped the concept quite easily and recognize that in order to get different results you have to handle things differently. Expecting anything less would be ludicrous. This is obviously a time of introspection; however, it is understandable that you long for the support of others. Even though you are retreating off on your own, you do long for an emotional connection. Be kind to yourself and realize that this is only temporary. This is a time for rest and contemplation. It is time to nurture yourself. As aforementioned, this is a time for new beginnings. A rebirth. Please just embrace this, trust in the flow and watch miracles unfold. This is also a time for letting go. There will be no room for this rebirth if we cling to the old. Let go of the old. You are well aware of what you are clinging to that just needs to be let go of. Otherwise, you will remain a martyr. Just have faith and trust. The time is now to release everything that no longer serves. Remain calm and trust. It is apparent that you have realized that taking a different approach is often necessary depending on the situation at hand. You are learning that your journey is unique and are accepting of everyone’s individuality. In fact, you have begun to readily offer others assistance without asking anything in return. You have arrived. You are giving unconditional support and allowing others to grow and develop on their own at all times. This is often difficult for many, but you have now realized that this is such an important part of your growth as well as many others that you have taught along the way. You are indeed helping one another progress on this journey. You being able to give without expectations is a quality to be honored. You are definitely taking the unchartered path currently and have been expanding your horizons more than ever. As mentioned, you are finished with dealing with everything in the same fashion. You are becoming a visionary and a leader. Others will follow your lead. You are setting the example and leading the way. Proceed with trust. You are capable of receiving joy and abundance. As you emerge from this time of quiet contemplation, continue to have faith in yourself, but retain your faith in others. Remember, never view this time in the negative sense. There is no negativity in endings. Much to the contrary, they are indicative of positivity and rebirth. Remain patient, give others space on their journey and remain compassionate. Take care of yourself in order to maintain your strength. Do not succumb to weakness. It has been a long arduous journey, and it is imperative that you nurture yourself at this time. It has appeared that you have been fighting an uphill battle as of late. Remember that it is important for you to take care of yourself. Stop trying to do everything and taking more than your fair share of the burden. It is okay to say no to others and give to yourself. Learn to be more carefree and in the moment. Just let go. Let go of everything that binds you. You are not responsible for taking care of everyone. Learn to nurture yourself first and foremost. While this has indeed been a time of reflection, it is important for you to open yourself up to new possibilities. Introspection is valuable at times and allows us to heal and regenerate, but we need to continue on our journey to utilize the knowledge that was obtained. You have lost interest in things that once brought you pleasure. There are opportunities presenting themselves that you will miss if you do not free yourself from the barriers that you have placed before you. You have been through a lot, but you are meant to be joyful. You need to open your eyes again; open your ears again, open your heart again. Don’t miss these gifts. Be open, willing and able to accept the bountiful harvest that the universe is waiting to present you with at this time. It is yours. You just need to be aware and ask in order to accept this abundance. Give yourself care, self love and the ability to receive these gifts. Much love. The universe xoxo. - Tracie Ann

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