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Full Moon Energies July 10, 2017

Full Moon Energies --- I just finished channeling. Enjoy!! Please feel free to re post/share with friends <3 <3

Time to come out of fear and follow your passion. What is stopping you? Do not settle. Believe in your power. Be the leader and let others follow your example. You have definitely been through tough times, but don’t give up. Do not quit. It is important for you to endure through this struggle. It is understandable that you are tired after all you have been through and that your trustful innocence has been replaced with defensiveness. It is natural to feel this way after all you have been through, but try to avoid feeling bitter. Remember that whatever challenges that you faced on your journey have made you stronger. You are a fighter and have always persevered. You have what it takes to get passed this. Keep going no matter what. Don’t lose site of your goals. Stay focused. Don’t let your fears and anxieties block your progress and overcome your mindset. Time to defend your position, but choose your battles wisely. Some battles are worth fighting, but others just cause trouble. Stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes we refuse to yield, but the battle is not worth fighting for. This is particularly true if we spent a lot of time and energy on a particular situation. Just release all the things that do not serve the highest good out into the universe. Time to release the past and forge forward on your journey. The past is behind us. Time to look forward to what is ahead of you. Realize that the current cycle is over and it is time to reexamine your life. Release things that don’t feed your soul. You will know by how certain things make you feel. Some situations will make you feel dispirited while others will bring you joy. Choose joy always. Some things are worth working for/even fighting for. You have been isolating yourself and working diligently for a while to achieve the happiness and recognition you desire. Sometimes things come easy, but other times much effort is required. This is such a time. Just keep hammering away. You will not be disappointed. Wealth and affluence are abundant for those starting new business ventures. Time to focus on the long term goals. Time to work towards stability and solid foundations in your life. While change is imminent, stability is needed for security in life. However, before we obtain this security, we need to let the old go. Everything that we have outgrown needs to be released. It is hard to do, but the only alternative is stagnancy as mentioned before. It is important to shed the old and absorb the new. Time to let go and be reborn, invigorated and strong with unlimited opportunities for success in all areas of life.

It is time to step up and claim your power. There is nothing wrong with that. You have always served others. Now is the time to do what is right for you. You are now realizing that it is important to serve your own needs. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you are truthful and hurt no one in the process since we are all connected.

Again, whatever challenges us makes us stronger in the end. You have been faced with many challenges. If you resist these challenges, you will not grow. Instead, it is imperative for you to embrace these challenges and be rewarded with the growth that you desire in order to continue on your path.

A strong ego and self love is imperative for you to reach your goals. Nothing wrong with putting other’s first from time to time, but you should not neglect yourself in the process. You need to learn to serve yourself first for once. Success will surely follow.

Seems like you are torturing yourself out of fear and worry right now and feel like just crying at times. Life can be tough at times, and it is not easy to release your fears, worries and guilt that plague you. It is troubling, and often you feel that you are not making progress and are just suspended. Time to be assertive and claim what is yours. Stop being a martyr. Release what doesn’t serve, and accept what does. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Give up control and accept God’s will and you will never be disappointed.

Time to focus and concentrate. Claim your power. Do what needs to be done. You have not been claiming your power. Rewards will surely follow. Don’t be afraid to be forceful. You know what you want. Go get it. It is yours for the asking. You are just so blocked in fear and worry. Let it go. Now is your day to be self confident and shine. You have come a long way. You have now stepped into your power. Know your worth. Realize your importance and self worth. You have survived the days of humility and have progressed. You have done the work. All things worth having never come easy. You have persevered and have overcome the obstacles. Release all the pain and suffering. Today is your new dawn and awakening. Cherish the challenges, the growth and abundant opportunities that are presenting themselves at this time. Time for you to reap the rewards. You have worked hard for this. Now is the time for you to shine. Now is the time for growth and abundance. The universe is waiting to deliver. TIme to set your intention and continue to strive for your goals and do the work. -- Tracie Ann

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