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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Energies August 2017

Channeled reading from divine energies relating to the full moon and lunar eclipse. Hope this resonates. Feedback and shares very much appreciated <3 <3 Hold on tight. We are experiencing very intense energies, and I am sure you are feeling them.

It is often said that things must fall apart before they come together as a more beautiful version imaginable. It is apparent that you have been facing hardship. No blame is placed upon you for giving up a, but be assured that your prayers are being heard. A relationship is being established. Wipe away your tears. Hold your head up high. The feeling of deprivation and separation are all illusions in this vast universe. Leave the past behind and strive forward. Let all that go/the resentment, the guilt, regret for perceived past mistakes. It is all an illusion. The more you dwell on it, the more it will be returned threefold. While this is certainly an emotional time for you and not easy, there is progress. This to will end. There is a sense of lack in this reading. A longing. Continue to give and you will be rewarded. It is a delicate balance. Your lack is all an illusion. You are what you believe. You have enough. You have the tools. You have all the resources you need. You have the resources!! Just realize that you are worthy. Realize that you are capable and worthy of receiving anything you want in life, however, you must believe that you are worthy of these gifts. It is definitely a time of introspection for you. You have been retreating off on your own/into your own world. You most definitely are seeking greater understanding at this time. While you are typically the mentor, remember it is okay to seek help when you need it. This does not make you weak. It will only make you stronger. There most definitely is a focus on relationships at this time. It is important for you to get rid of the burden of lack and worthlessness. Again, keep a positive outlook. You are stuck because you are believing the worst, but you need to have faith!! Don’t be so caught up in appearances!! It is all a fallacy. Be confident. Repeat this mantra daily – YES I CAN!! As simple as that. Take that risk. The universe is ready to serve you. However, you must believe you are worthy. If not, you will continue to fall short of your goal. Relationships are presenting themselves at full force and you are seeking union yet you are at a crossroads deciding which road to take. The road that others want you to take or the road less traveled. The well traveled road may be easier, but is often not the best choice for you. Hence, the continued confusion and dismay. However, a reunion and truce is in the making. There will be free will, but nonetheless, healing will take place in all relationships, particularly of old painful wounds that continue to be purged. The time has come to heal them. You have released all you can on your own. Now is the time to come together and heal. While things have been chaotic most recently, a sense of order is being called for and being established. Also, legal matters are being brought to the forefront. It is important to pay your dues, and accept your past mistakes and move on. Otherwise, you will continue to have the same outcome. It is important to move on. Just get on with it. Do you want results? Then you need to change what you have been doing. Recognize your past mistakes and forgive yourself. Otherwise, the past will continue to haunt you. You have been feeling so weary and depressed. So exhausted. The sun will come out after these storms and you will see beautiful rainbows. You will shine again. Your radiance will return. You owe it to yourself and others. You are gifted and blessed. Share your gifts with others. In order to help others, you must first return to your full splendor and shine like the diamond that you are. You have the ability to persevere through this. You are realizing the inner strength that you have is far more than you ever knew you were capable of. Once you acknowledge that, there is no stopping you. Just remember – go easy on yourself. You are all you have to get through this. This is your journey. Your inner knowing and realization of your truth. Although you are experiencing lack and a sense of rejection at this point, remember that we are meant to enjoy abundance. This to shall pass. This is only temporary. Realize this and you will be able to move passed this. This was just a stop on the journey. Once the lesson is learned, we can move on. Always remember though, that we will continue to be presented with lessons. Some will be easier than others. While this has been a challenging time full of many lessons, hardships and sadness, it is during these times that the most growth occurs. With much love to you always. The Universe. Hope this resonates. <3 Tracie Ann

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