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Intuitive Readings By Tracie

Reiki Master and Intuitive Empath

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Above the Clouds

Sarah Martin

A lovely lady with great insight and who reads with honesty and compassion.

Happy Childhood

Princess Sophia

Very talented lady. Great reading. I can resonate with it all. It gives me a direction on my path. Thank you so much Tracie.

Ocean Pier

ShelliMay Van Rensburg

wow what a great reading, so accurate, exactly what I needed to hear to continue my journey.

What is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive Coaching is a type of coaching that uses insight to uncover what the client thinks, but may not be aware of. It uses some of the same principles as regular coaching.  It teaches clients to use their intuition (instincts) to improve their lives. It also uses a spiritual approach to promote healing. The approach is mind, body, and Spirit (holistic mental health).

Regular Coaching Vs. Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching goes beyond traditional coaching by using insight and providing intuitive input, allowing the practitioner to enter a deeper dimension of awareness that the person may often know, but may not be fully aware of. This is where the feelings are processed and where the client might feel "stuck".  Standard coaching also relies on the conscious mind or what is now "known" to the person. Traditional coaching uses a more traditional vocabulary; intuitive coaching uses a more thoughtful, metaphysical, energy-based language. 

An intuitive life coach is someone who encourages you to improve and conquer your goals by allowing you to access your instincts. You will get the things out of life you desire. They play many of the same positions as conventional life coaching, but they direct you differently. 

Rather than simply concentrating on worldly aspects of life, such as goal setting, routines, and talents, they also introduce concepts of spiritual life coaching by monitoring the vitality and by stressing mental and moral recovery, intuitive life coaches are outstanding to help consumers free their blockages. 

What is Reiki? 

It means interacting with the white light energies of a higher being to provide physical and mental relief to the user. It is believed that Tibetan Buddhist monks invented the technique, which Mikao Usui rediscovered in the 1800s. The Usui Reiki method is a basic but effective healing procedure that can be offered and obtained by anyone. 

Reiki Therapy Session 

Reiki energy is the energy of the Chi or life force that passes through each one of us. 'Rei' means 'universal, divine awareness and greater knowledge of the Universe or higher self. Rei is present all over the place at the same time and is understood as all-knowing and leading to cure whatever is required. 'Ki' is translated as 'Life Force' which gives life to all living beings. 


Each person's experience differs, and it's possible that they won't feel anything at all. Reiki may be experienced as fire, coolness, or tingling sensations in some people, while others may experience a strong emotional release. 

Everyone, however, will experience a profound sense of calm, and some might even fall asleep or see dreams or beautiful bright colors as this wonderful energy flows into their energy bodies. 


Energy medicine healing is a beautiful journey. Reiki has a remarkable impact on all negative symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Nonetheless, If you've been dealing with imbalances for a long time, you can need a series of treatments spread out over a longer period of time. Since negative energies are likely trapped and stagnated in more than one chakra, the complete rebalancing and clearing of Chakras necessitates a commitment from the client. 

Ki Energy: Its Importance 

The ancient civilizations knew the importance of the energy of Ki and how it affects our well-being. Ki can be activated for healing purposes. This is the non-physical energy which flows through all living beings. This is our energy of creation, and it binds and pervades us all. Therefore, Reiki means 'Universal Life Force' or steering the energies of Chi to the right spot for the healing that is required. 


Having a link to something greater than yourself, whether it's fellowship, culture, a sense of virtue or purpose, God, a higher force, or any sense of higher reality, beauty, or sacredness in life, is at the heart of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing, then, is something that aids you in overcoming the feeling of loneliness you might be experiencing as a result of a lack of meaning or intent in life, or a lack of connection to a higher force or sense of something greater than yourself. 

What is chakra healing

Chakra is a Sanskrit term that translates to "wheel." Chakras are energy wheels that rotate. They are activity centers that receive, collect, and express life force energy. They are entirely in control of a person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They are energy wheels that exist in our mind and body energy system, but are not apparent. 

As you let go of every doubt, limitation, or apprehensions you have, a clear understanding of your chakras is the most important key to realizing all of your aspirations and opening your life to all of the possibilities and abundance around you. Chakras bring happiness, harmony, and health to our personal and professional lives when they are unblocked, balanced, and energized. In a nutshell, keeping your chakras balanced will help you overhaul your mind, body, and soul. 

Our entire body is made up of an energy field with seven main energy centers known as Chakras. The word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel." The body spirit is held in motion by the rotations of these energy Chakras. Each Chakra corresponds to a different part of the body. There are numerous other small Chakras in our bodies. 

They control the functions of these body parts, as well as the rest of our bodies. Our mental and emotional abilities are also housed in the Chakras. Day-to-day life experiences have an effect on the Chakras. Bad experiences may cause a Chakra to become blocked. I will assist you in removing these impediments. The amount and quality of energy generated by Chakras is determined by their influences. Chakra Healing will help you get the most out of your Chakra energy and I can assist you in managing this in order to preserve your physical and emotional well-being.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga


  • Chakra Healing can assist you in a variety of ways. 

  • It assists you in balancing your health and your life. 

  • It assists you in becoming more aware of your body. 

  • It allows you to see the reality of life. 

  • It removes the blockages that are preventing each Chakra's potential energy from reaching its full potential. 

  • It helps to improve your self-assurance. 

  • It aids in the positive regulation of the emotions. 

  • It aids you in being more compassionate, nurturing, and caring in your relationships. 

  • It aids in the link between you and the spiritual energy


tarot Readings

Tarot card reading is a divination form that dates back to the 18th century. It is also used as a form of guided meditation, in addition to divination (making predictions about the future). People consult tarot readers in many countries because they are thought to be very accurate when it comes to predicting the future. Tarot is regarded as a spiritual guidance method. The person who receives the reading will use it to access his or her inner wisdom. A tarot reading will help us figure out what we need to know about a situation. Based on our current path at the time of the reading, the readings shed light on past, present, and future events. 


Numerology is a field of science that investigates the power of numbers and their effect on people's lives. Numerology is a branch that deciphers the secret influence of numbers and is often associated with spirituality. Consider the number 0, for example. Since the inner portion of the number is plane and has an outer covering, it is thought to be a number that encircles the world. This corresponds to the current state of humanity. Man has a constant sense of living in isolation from the rest of the world. He recognizes himself as a body rather than a spirit. 

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