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Post Blood Moon Energies 02/07/2018

The energies have been powerful. I have been exhausted pre and post full moon and haven't been posting much. I have just channeled a post full moon energy report. Please share/provide feedback. Much love <3

Post Blood Moon Energies 02/07/2018 . Your newfound self-awareness and assuredness is allowing you to come into your full power. You are no longer afraid to take risks or worry about what others think about you since this is your journey and you have taken full responsibility and are leading the way. Others are drawn to your vibrancy and magnetic energy. You are loving life and consider it to be a great adventure. You are embracing each new experience on this journey and are no longer content just sitting and waiting for things to happen. You realize that you are the creator of your destiny and anything your heart desires is within your reach. You have achieved balance with your emotions and have conquered the fear that once had you at a standstill when you were facing a crossroads on your journey.

The contentment that you are/will soon be embracing is a result of the inner peace and contentment that you are radiating from within your soul. You are grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Even the trials and tribulations served their purpose as they have brought you to where you are now standing. You have conquered things that your limited belief system had once thought were unsurpassable. You have persevered and are now seeing the light and a glimpse at what the future will hold. Which, is in fact, the next step of your journey.

There was a period in your life/not so long ago that you were ego focused. Looking for others to see your point of view/but now have come to the realization that you are the manifestor of your heart’s desire. That you are the creator of your own reality and are accepting the results that you have created realizing that you can change the outcome at any time and are beginning to plan/set a new course for your future reality.

You have a greater understanding and compassion for others. You are more nurturing than ever and are embracing life and all that it has to offer. You are attuned with nature, humanity and mother earth and all its bountiful gifts. You want to share your gifts with others and just nurture others. You are overflowing with abundance. Your heart is full. You are love. You are joy. You are enough. You are so blessed and want to share with others. Realizing the childhood joys and innocence of yesteryear/before you had forgotten the simplicity of life/and the true joy of simple contentment. You find great joy in serving others/donating to charity/helping others in any way you can for this is the true meaning of life/and will never let you down. We are aware that a simple smile/laughter cures our woes/allows us to enjoy good health. The burden of material wants and riches brings our vibration down and brings disease and sadness. We are becoming more content with the basics/the freeing feeling and increased vibrational energy that follows.

You are wiser from your experiences and can see through situations quite clearly. You are unable to fool. You seek truth from those you deal with. You are direct and open and expect nothing less from others. There was a time when this was not the case, but you have now come to have a deeper understanding and love for yourself and while in the past you would be deeply hurt by others you are now able to face the truth and move on. Realizing that you deserve better. You have gained great strength and are now much more resilient. You turn them away with compassion, however, understanding their pain, but maintaining the ability to avoid absorbing it. You are now realizing that the pain they bring to the table is their own and not for you to carry. Realizing that we are all one, and that we should love others as we love ourselves, but most importantly love ourselves first and foremost . You are coming to the point where you are once again letting your heart lead the way. You are stronger now and are no longer afraid to let your feelings show. From past experience you had retreated for shelter from it all, but are now open to receive. You will experience a deeper sense of forgiveness within for your past decisions and experience the opportunity to renew past relationships. You are now aware that it is all up to you to decide, but opportunities for new love as well as romantic reconciliations will be presented to you. You are radiating love from your heart and soul/and what you give out comes back to you. You will be experiencing much love and contentment.

You are content and happy and have a renewed hope for the future. You are overflowing with joy and are willing to share with others. You are leading the way for others and are no longer bound by fear. You are willing to take chances and have the fortitude to continue on this journey for you have become a visionary capable of seeing what lies ahead and realize that all the trials and tribulations are worth it. Your radiant energy attracts others to you and others are willing to share with you their innermost hopes and desires. Your kindness allows you to offer them the inspiration that they desire and gives them the fortitude to carry on forward. Your illuminated presence and radiance is the light that they seek leading the way. You are the light in the darkness. You are a healer and have arrived. Your presence is vital in order to help others ascend. You are a vital support system/light worker. The former patriarchal societies of the past are all an illusion. The divine masculine are now realizing the significance of their feminine energies within themselves and are awakening to the illusion of it all. We are all one/This divine balance is our strength. There will be a coming together in love. Utmost joy.

You have persevered and have found the strength within yourself to overcome any self-doubt and worry that you placed yourself in seclusion over. You are doing a great job and have now achieved balance. It is a juggling act for sure, but you are no longer obsessing over the have nots and are living your life to the fullest capacity and are enjoying what you are being presented with and ready now to make things happen for you with a great deal of flexibility – not looking to have a rigid set of plans to follow in life. Understanding that what is no longer yours was not meant to be/nor do we own anything, anyone nor can we control the outcome of any situation. Everything is divinely orchestrated and only the highest outcome for you will be presented. You have become so spontaneous realizing that the world is in fact your oyster – and that you are the creator of your own destiny.

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